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Global music analysis

Global Music Monitoring (GMM) is the technology behind Rozum, for monitoring radio stations, television channels, streaming services and social networks (social media networks) as well as all types of public performances including live performances. GMM records every audio / video usage, analyzes the data using proprietary algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and automatically

executes analysis and reports, specifically tailored to the case.


GMM's primary goal is to identify and record the actual usage of all types of audio and video content, including live performances from all sorts of media sources.


GMM technology is a monolithic server C ++ based application, which ensures extremely high performance. It can recognize audio from 82M+ digital fingerprints on a middle-class server (E5-2697 v2 @ 2.70 GHz) at a speed of ~ 6000 SPS (seconds of audio per second of time), which provides monitoring of 6K streams on a single server. In addition, it has SDKs for Android, iOS and Linux in order to receive and hash audio records.

Our technology
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